The secret ingredient of our success.

Working at a bakery seems like a sweet dream. You’re surrounded by delicious treats all day and get to give people goodies that bring smiles to their faces. Running a successful bakery, however, isn’t as delicious as it sounds. We know it can be a joy, but it is also tough, hard work. Our love for the craft, respect for tradition and dedication for exceptional customer service translate to working hours that are definitely not the regular 9 – 5.

In such a fast-paced and demanding environment, it takes a certain type of person to work at Harold’s. Whilst most of them are ordinary people, they want to achieve extraordinary things. It’s not a must for them to have the technical knowledge to make bread or bakery skills. Importantly, they have a strong belief in their ability to develop and deliver the best experience for our customers as well as our internal teams.

We give them room to explore, to learn and be inspired everyday: this encourages each team member to think outside the box, and in turn gives the business a breath of fresh air, making it grow considerably. Aptly, we call our employees HEROES.

How would our HEROES describe working at Harold’s? Be inspired by some of their stories below.

Saya gembira mendapat pujian dari pelanggan semasa berkongsi tentang keistimewaan produk kami dan merasa bertuah kerana dapat bekerja dalam satu team yang sangat bertimbang rasa antara satu sama lain.


Supervisor, Lotus’s Ipoh Garden, Perak
Since 2015

Saya merasai saya menjadi seorang insan yang lebih baik kerana disini saya dapat belajar cara melayani dan menghormati para pelanggan dengan lebih baik.


Supervisor, Lotus’s Pulai Hartamas
, Perak
Since 2017

When I left high school, I was unsure what I wanted to do next. After joining Harold’s, I discovered my passion as a pastry chef and I am glad that I have been offered the support and training to reach my potential.

Chef Yip

Chef, Perak Factory
Since 2016

Saya bersyukur kerana masih mendapat peluang untuk bekerja di Harold’s setelah saya menamatkan perkhidmatan saya dalam Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM). Di sini saya dapat mencari rezeki untuk menambah pendapatan isi rumah saya.


Logistic Officer, Perak Factory
Since 2015

Saya gembira kijjer di Harold’s sebab sini saya dapat menimba banyok ilmu terutamanya ilmu dalam mengendalikan sesebuah perniagaan dan berharap satu hari nanti saya dapat memulakan perniagaan saya sendiri.


Supervisor, Mydin Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu
Since 2014

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