Harolds Pastry


All of us at Harold’s have taken pride in baking really good, soft Asian buns. We use high quality, locally produced wheat flour together with high grade, imported whole milk to enhance the flavour of our dough.

Having stayed true to our commitment since the day our doors opened, we do not add any preservative into our dough. Our buns are hand-crafted, and baked in-store every day so every buns you get from us will be as fresh and full of taste as the first.

We carefully source fantastic ingredients so that you can taste the difference. For example, the chicken floss we use is made from 100% chicken meat and it’s a healthier option since it contains 0% trans fat and no chemical preservatives. Other premium toppings and wonderful fillings complements our simple, basic dough. They include choices of local classics such as curry, kaya and red bean to bring delight to your palate. We strive to make every bite is a mouthful of happiness.

Harolds Pastry


Harold’s pastries are baked according to cherished Swiss recipes and centuries-old traditions. 100% imported butter goes into each croissant. You know why you love our croissants. They are incredibly crispy, light and desirably flaky.

It’s our ambition to continue being innovative and creative to bring you more heavenly goodness in each bite. For example, we’ve combined classic puff pastries with interesting, local elements like Curry Chicken and Serai Chicken. Malaysia Boleh!

Harolds Cake


Here at Harold’s we have always put quality ingredients first when producing cakes. Hence, the sponge for our cream cakes is made using specially formulated, high quality cake mix exclusively from Europe. The whipping cream is made from imported dairy products. Moreover, each and every cake is hand-crafted with flair by our team of dedicated bakers and decorators.

Harold’s is also committed towards supporting the local bakery industry in Malaysia. In line with this, we spend a great deal of time and energy to find top-notch ingredients manufactured locally. Today, we source all our chocolates locally and are also in a business partnership with a local cheese maker.

Harolds Dessert


When you think of Harold’s, you think of great desserts too. We wish to draw your attention to two of them here.

Macarons – A taste from France. Their sensational texture and flavour is the result of a recipe using ingredients from Europe that is bursting with authentic taste of almonds. Bright, colourful shells. Crunchy outside, soft inside. That’s why it’s a crowd favourite.

Creme Brulee Cheese Tarts – A dessert that is an innovative combination of the best characteristics from East and West. This is a soft, creamy cheese tart (East) that has a crunchy, caramelized top of a creme brulee dessert (West).


More and more types of drinks and coffees are changing all around the world, sometimes with added flavours. But we’re proud of our Ipoh origins each time we serve you this original coffee – the sweet, velvety beverage with a dose of history, Ipoh’s beloved white coffee.

Harold’s is committed to preserving this timeless favourite of Ipoh’s heritage. Notably, our coffee beans are roasted locally in Ipoh. They stand out from regular ones because as  different coffee beans  (a mix of Arabica, Robusta and Liberica)  are slow-roasted in margarine to produce coffee with a slightly bitter but unique aroma and an amazing aftertaste.

No short cuts – instead of opting for that instant sachet, we freshly brew our coffee in store each day using the traditional technique with the iconic kopi sock to give you that authentic experience.

Perfectly sweetened with condensed milk, every cup of Harold’s White Coffee is smooth, frothy and rich with its distinctively fragrant, caramelised taste.