Initial Application Intent

  • The interest Applicant would need to submit a Franchise Application Form, which could be obtained by call our representative in bottom of the page.
  • Applicant would also need to submit Business Plan along with the Application Form for our review.

Site Visit and Assessment

  • Next, the Applicant and the¬†Franchisor would plan for a schedule to visit the proposed location.

  • Applicant might also need to undergo a few assessments.


Review and Interview Stage

  • Final interview discussion and assessment with the Application to determine the strategic opportunities for the Franchising.



Development and Execution Stage

  • Upon successful application, Franchisor will issue the Letter of Offer to the applicant.

  • Initial Payment needs to be made by the Applicant.


Renovation and Training

  • Renovation works which include measurement and designs will be carried up. Usually takes 1-2 months.

  • The new Franchise will undergo a designated period of full training.


Development and Execution Stage

  • Outlet opening with full support from the team.